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Areas of Practice

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For Divorce, Paternity & Other Family Matters
In The Los Angeles Area Since 1978

Providing Skilled Family Law Services in Woodland Hills, CA for More Than 45 Years

Guiding families through paternity, custody, support, and other family law matters with a personal approach

The Law Offices of Steven A. Blunt has been handling family matters in Southern California for more than three decades. We take a personal approach to assisting our clients during difficult times, mediating and/or litigating as required to achieve the best outcome. With a convenient office location in Woodland Hills, we are positioned to handle your family matters from start to finish.

Experienced litigators in the area of family law

Our team of experienced family law attorneys will ascertain every important aspect of your case, educate you regarding your rights and responsibilities, and working closely with you will create a custom-tailored approach to your matter. We professionally, competently and confidently provide:

  • Extensive experience. Mr. Blunt been engaged in the full-time practice of family law since 1978. He has represented parties in nearly 2,000 divorce cases involving every manner of family law issues. He has been certified as a family law specialist by the California State Bar Board of Legal Specialization since 1993. He recently received special recognition from the Board for serving 20 continuous years as a family law specialist. He has acted as judge pro tem in family law courts throughout Los Angeles County and currently sits on both the Mediation and MSC panels at the Pasadena Superior Courthouse.
  • Extensive collateral resources. We have long-standing, highly developed relationships with experienced collateral resources, ranging from mental health professionals who assist in custody matters to forensic accountants, business appraisers, real estate appraisers, actuaries and private investigators who assist with financial issues. These individuals also act as expert witnesses when needed.
  • Quality results. Our attorneys pay attention to detail, take the time to educate clients and set realistic expectations from the start to avoid unnecessary litigation.
  • Personalized representation. In family law, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. We walk you through your case and represent you from beginning to end.
  • Responsive. We pride ourselves on being accessible to our clients. If you call us, you will either reach us directly or receive a return call. If you email us, the attorney to whom your email is directed promptly will respond.

Dedicated to family law

Our wide-ranging experience is built on decades of experience in every aspects of family law, including:

  • Divorce/dissolution of marriage. We offer professional advice, strategies and representation in all aspects of dissolution of marriage cases, including identification, characterization, valuation and division of property and debts; determination of income relative to child and spousal support; and issues related to custody and visitation of minor children. Our staff of attorneys is equally comfortable in high-net-worth cases and those involving more modest assets.
  • Paternity/parentage. Parentage cases, also referred to as “paternity cases,” involve the determination of child custody and child support for children of unmarried couples. We have substantial experience representing both mothers and fathers in parentage cases.
  • Child custody. Our legal team has substantial experience representing parents in child custody cases, whether relating to divorce, parentage or dependency court cases, including post-judgment modification of existing child custody orders. Child custody is often the most emotional aspect of a divorce or paternity case. Our attorneys offer thoughtful, compassionate representation and will fight for your rights, and those of your children, in these cases.
  • Child support and spousal support. Child and spousal support are determined based on the respective incomes of the involved parties. In cases involving self-employed or high-earning individuals and those with cash or “under the table” incomes, determining net spendable income available for payment of support is often difficult. Our team of experienced attorneys, accountants and other collateral resources works diligently to uncover hidden sources of income, perquisites and other benefits received by each of the parties to ensure an appropriate result, whether in original or post-judgment modification situations.
  • Restraining orders. If you or your children are in danger from your spouse or partner, we act quickly to obtain restraining orders and work diligently to help ensure your safety. When your children are involved, we work to ensure their safety and your rights, so that you do not have to share custody with your abuser.
  • Breach of fiduciary duty. We work hard to uncover all assets and sources of income. When necessary, we enlist  the services of our extensive network of forensic accountants, appraisers and other collateral resources. We ensure that  nothing is hidden or concealed and that both parties are on equal footing. We fight for full and fair disclosure so you obtain the agreement, settlement or trial result to which you are entitled.
  • Prenuptial and post-nuptial agreements. Whether you are engaged,  married, or in a same-sex partnership,  long-term partnership or civil union, we can help you craft an agreement that serves your needs.
  • Domestic partnership rights. Domestic partnerships pose their own issues regarding child custody and visitation, division of property and support. Whether you are a same-sex couple or a long-term unmarried couple needing guidance in this area, we can help.

Whatever family law issues you face, our skilled attorneys can provide the advice and guidance you need to obtain a positive result.

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